The Zoccai brand, with its lines in gold, sterling silver, enriched of diamonds, precious stones or ecologic stones, since 1839 it continues to satisfy its clients and keep offering something new every season by creating trendy and modern jewels redefining the meaning of classics. In our stores you will be able to find a wide assortment of this brand with the completely Italian style.


All the Zoccai 1839 lines


Inspired by the domes of the world’s best architectures, from the Italian churches to the typical Russian buildings and the Arab Mosques, “following the famous silk path” that from Venice reached the Middle and Far East.


Zoccai recalls the four elements in this collection, matching them with precious stones and diamonds. Sapphires represent water, rubies are fire, emeralds are the earth and diamonds pavet represent the air.


Diamonds are forever, that is why “eterno” meaning eternal in the Italian language. Jewels of the classical cut that never loose value or fail to impress.


Classical and elegant jewelry collection in 18kt gold. Created according to a particular technique coming from Zoccai’s craftsmen in the 1970s. Gold threads hand braided that creates a dense gold texture.


Inspired by the charm of Paisley, the famous drops texture, Zoccai creates a new collection which style comes from far away lands like India and Persia.


Zoccai has always been known as a forward thinker and trendsetter of contemporary jewelry. Mito reintroduces the concept of semi-rigid necklaces smoothened by drops of gold chains and stones that move in harmony, evoking the eternal beauty of these creations.


Zoccai for this extraordinary collection of jewels combines smooth circles embellished by the expert hands of craftsmen of diamonds pavet, mother of pearl and onix. The circle is considered one of the very first geometries with which the human being interacts since the beginning of life.


Smile unites the positive power of stones to the universal power of a smile. A Zoccai smile is like a mantra, that helps us remember to never forget the incredible benefits of a smile to maintain our interior balance and lighten our existence.


From where it all began, in Venice, we took inspiration from the famous spiers of San Marco Square for this new collection in 18kt gold and mother of pearl.


Jewelry line in silver 925 and ecologic stones. Zoccai ensures the highest quality of silver in its jewels that define style, lightness and contemporary. Zoccai 925 offers jewels for every occasion that hold value in time.


Jewelry line in the exclusive 9 carats gold alloy. The 9 carats gold is unique alloy and through this metals composition the jewels are reinvented to follow current trends, fashions and step out of the ordinary while keeping the value of gold. Zoccai One is a valuable and prestigious jewel easily wearable for those who want to stand our and feel incomparable day after day.


Buddy is the latest addition in Zoccai, created to help the animals and our planet. This collection in silver 925 and ecologic stones of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are the perfect way to combine style and preciousness to a cause. Part of the revenue will be in fact donated to the safeguard of our ecosystem. Every animal and every stone have their own meaning, find the one that fits you best and take part in the initiative.


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